Friday, 16 March 2007

These Foolish Things

Blue laundry
My washing machine washes but it doesn't spin so I have to take my wet clothes down to the local launderette to dry them. After taking a bundle of soaking undergarments from the drum the phone rang so I temporarily rested them on the surface next to the bathroom sink. The call over I chucked everything into a bag and left the house.

When I was removing my things from the drying machines and I was taking out the last pair of boxer shorts I saw a shiny silvery object at the back. It was my watch. I picked it up. It was still warm. The second hand and the winder had disappeared. Ruined and useless. I'd left it on surface next to the bathroom sink. So if a stranger with an English accent stops you on the streets of Paris and asks you for the time then please oblige. It could be me.

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