Sunday, 18 March 2007

Election Fever 2007

The election fever is hotting up here in France. If you walk around my quartier (the 11th) and you judged the popularity of candidates by the sheer number of posters on the street then Marie-George Buffet the Communist Party candidate would be the out and out winner. On checking the opinion polls you she only gets about 1% in the polls. So her small number of ardent followers must me more than handy with brushes and glue.

As a foreigner I try not to get too involved in French political debates however, on Friday I was stopped on the street during a demonstration held by the CGT and asked to sign a petition in support of the 35 hour week. The woman seemed very nice but I refused to sign saying I thought the 35 hour week was a great idea but in the real world it wasn't plausible. I felt bad as she walked away angrily probably thinking that I was some kind of reactionary. Well you can't please everybody.

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