Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Pretentious, Moi?

More than red

I'm in London at the moment it's a trip I make twice a month and as with all people who travel a lot sometimes you forget where you are. When I entered a cafe in Covent Garden bonjour just slipped out without thinking, the barista looked at me in a you pretentious w****r kind of may. I nudged someone in the street and said excusez-moi, I tried to insert my Carte Orange into the ticket machines in the underground. And if any more proof were needed that I'm become increasingly gallic in my ways I took a full hour lunch break yesterday and actually sat down and ate real food instead of popping out for 5 minutes to get a cheese and pickle sandwich, a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and a Caffe Nero skinny latte all wolfed down at my desk while reading the BBC news headlines on the internet and finished in the time it takes to say John Simpson reporting from Iraq.

Am I exaggerating? un peu.

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