Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Crudite au Thon

Crudite au Thon
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Paris boulangeries are wonderful places the quality and range of bread and pastries is amazing. However, one small gripe I have is that sometimes hygiene leaves a little bit to be desired. In London it's customary to wear gloves when touching food but this isn't always the case here.

The other day, finding myself a little peckish I popped into a Paris bakery to pick up a filled baguette for lunch. The greasy man with the moustache behind the counter several sizes too big for his Ohio state University t-shirt took my order. I asked for a crudité au thon The precise filling of the sandwiches on offer were not evident from the outside nor were they labelled correctly. So he opened up the baguettes with his grubby hands and manually inspected the crevices of the bread for signs of Tuna.

Exasperated I said in my best French "Is it really necessary to touch the food with your hands?" To which he replied.

"Who the hell do you think you are Howard f***ing Hughes?"

Alright I made the last bit up actually he just stared at me and grunted something incomprehensible.

Sometimes when things look too good to be true that's because they are.

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