Thursday, 3 May 2007

A Pub Quiz in Paris

Although I'm an ├ętranger living in Paris I do try to integrate myself with the French community as much as possible. Once in a while, however, I do rub shoulders with the ex-pat community. One such occassion is when I take part at that most English of traditions the pub quiz.

On Monday nights in The Auld Alliance pub in the Marais gather a great number of Brits to drink large quantities of ale, eat Walker's crisps and do battle to find out who is the best at general knowledge. 12 or so teams took part, 4 US presidents were assisinated in office, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his left ear and Sri Lanka were runners up in the cricket world cup.

Our team came second losing by just 1 point. Next time we plan to win. If you knew the answers to those questions you may wish to join our team. We could do with some extra help.

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