Monday, 4 June 2007

Madeleine In Paris

Madeleine In Paris
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You are probably aware of the disappearance of 4 year old Madeleine McCann from her parents’ hotel room in Portugal. Now the search for poor Madeleine has even reached the streets of Paris. Tragic as this case is the amount of publicity that it has generated is out of all proportion to the event. Madeleine’s parents have had an audience with the pope, the Prime Minister has got involved and an International Madeleine Day is planned with David Beckham and J.K. Rowling rumoured to be taking part.

Meanwhile as the British and international press indulge in a fury of publicity many other worthy new stories are shoved off the front page. Every day children get abducted all over the world but their cases receive little of no coverage whatsoever.

If every missing child had a poster put up for them in the streets of Paris then you would never see the bricks of the buildings.

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IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

I don't know if you are familiar with the virtual world called Second Life... but they are going to post Madeline posters online there, as well.. I REALLY hope they will find this darling little girl ALIVE!!! It is such a sad tragedy for all involved and shows that ANYTHING can happen ANYWHERE... My heart aches for her family and loved ones.... -- Leesa