Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Cours d'anglais Paris

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I hate to admit it but I quite like teaching English. After 15 years in the IT industry it comes as quite a refreshing change here in Paris. It wasn't always like that. I first taught English in Madrid after finishing university and it was quite stressful because in the UK we really learn very little grammar at school.

When my students asked me the difference between the present perfect and the present perfect continous I was non-plussed. How do you explain the difference between big and large? And what about between baggage and luggage? Gradually you pick things up. And once you do it's a great skill to have because you can work anywhere in the world.

My cours d'anglais Paris are mostly conversation classes so I'm usually just chatting with students.

But if you do have a grammar question, go ahead, ask. I'm ready.


estherteng said...

Hey, I feel the same as you. Sometimes, it's really hard to explain things that have only minute difference in grammar.
And I luv ur pics, it's even used in the Yahoo! article 10 Ways to Ruin a First Date! I linked it below that article to your Flickr account, and thus found your blog. Find everything u write and shoot is extremely interesting and that it worths pundering on! In contrast, I write my blog in a monotonous way, which I try to improve and reinvent. So give me some ideas to optimize my blog, would u=)?

ParisTalk said...

Thanks for your comment it's very kind. I saw your blog and you write very well. I'm not really the right person to give advice on such matters but if you read a lot and write from the heart then that's a good start.

I didn't know about the Yahoo article using my pic. Thanks for pointing that out.