Thursday, 5 April 2007

Not Boring

Autumn at my Feet
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The talk this week is of a website that has attracted over 850,000 since it's inception in January 2007. What's so interesting about this site? I hear you ask. Is it a webcam of Paris Hilton and Anna Sharapova in the shower together? No such luck.

It is in fact which, as its name suggests, is a website about cheddar cheese. In fact its nothing but a webcam of a truckle of cheddar maturing slowly (very slowly). Once in a while the cheese is turned and the other day a label fell off (causing gasps of amazement from its many viewers). Otherwise it's the cheese and nothing but the cheese.

I was sceptical at first and thought watching cheese mature would be about as interesting as watching paint dry but I was surprised to find the spectacle rather soothing. What better way can you think of to end your evening than looking at a lovely big cheddar on your computer screen?

Don't answer that question


lorien said...

Errr... just chcecked it - not exactly my way of ending an evening , but cheddar brings back so many tasty memories! when Poland entered EU me and my friends (just like 90% of Polish students) went to England for holidays to get some part time job. As I started earning some money I came into many ideas of how to spend it - and the food was not at the top of my list. That's when I discovered cheddar. I did a shopping in Asda- only the 'Asda smart price' products (yummy:/ ) and their cheddar was the cheapest of all cheeses at the store. And bingo! It was the best and after that I've never found any cheese as good as the Asda one. But maybe I'll start visiting this webcam thing from time to time?

ParisTalk said...

It's interesting what you say and I think it works both ways because so many Polish people have moved to the UK British people are becoming more familiar with Polish food. In the neighbourhood I grew up (Finchley) there are now 2 Polish supermarkets. It's quite a revolution, Indian food is already so popular in the UK I can imagining it fusing with Polish food. So we'll get curried borscht. I look forward to it.

I'm not familiar with the Asda Cheddar (there is no Asda near where I stay) but I bought one back to Paris from Marks and Spencer's the other day and it was bloody good.