Sunday, 15 April 2007

Free Hugs campaign reaches Paris

Free Hugs
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It was a splendid sunny afternoon in Paris and as I was walking by Notre Dame a stocky French man ran through the throngs of tourists and flung his arms around me. I didn't know him and at first I was somewhat suprised to say the least but after gathering my equilibrium it all became clear. This was a 'demonstration' staged by the free hugs campaign. There was a large group of them offering hugs, or calins as they say in French, to passers by.

How hugging complete strangers is going to make the world a better place I'm not quite sure but it's a bit of fun and it can't do any harm.

Or can it?

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david L said...


In front of Notre Dame?

Um, dude, I think you'd better check and see if you're wallet's still there...