Sunday 1 April 2007

I Like London But

An umbrella for Two
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I'm exasperated. It happens again and again here in Paris. Whenever I say I'm from London they reply with one of these three things.

1. London is so expensive
2. It's always raining in London
3. The food is terrible.

I have to fight my corner and try to refute these indefatigable truths in the best way I can (though I fear I fight a losing battle)

1. London is expensive though it depends what you do. Transport and housing are move expensive but I regularly pay 6 or 7 Euros for a pint of lager in Paris up to double what I pay in London. Also the museums are free, the parks are free then prices in restaurants are about the same.

2. It actually rains more over the year in Paris than in London - not that anyone will believe me but here are the stats.

3. The people who say this are usually the ones that have either never been to London or when they do they rarely stray from the fast food places and chain restaurants in the West End.

I guess I should calm down and not take it so personally. I need to relax more. I think I'll go for a walk. Now where did I put my umbrella.....?

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Anonymous said...

it might not be raining in England as much as it is said but come on, rain is one of the first things that come into mind when London is mentioned. But I've been thre and saw the sun:)