Monday, 26 May 2008

Mahatma Gandhi in Adecco Ad

Here, spotted on a Paris street, is Mahatma Gandhi, Indian spiritual leader and revered pioneer of the non violence resistance movement being used in an advertisement by Adecco, the employment agency (or "human resource solutions" company as they prefer to call themselves these days).

This is an outrageous abuse of the great man's image. It seems incredible that his image has been used to further the profits of a multi-national corporation. What next "The Dalai Lama wears Kalvin Klein underwear", "Martin Luther King drinks, Nespresso"? I don't know how these companies get hold of the image rights but I wish they would stop. It's extremely annoying and disrespectful.

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Anonymous said...

I share the same view. I from India. When I first looked at the poster, I was very happy to see that gandiji is acknolwedeged as a great human leader, but when i saw the context of thge poster, I was deeply saddened. I know no body can ever ever be like Gandiji. Read his autobiography and you will release that what i am saying is more than 100% true.